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All books are available from the African Bird Club

Dean WRJ. 2000. The Birds of Angola. BOU Checklist Series: 18. British Ornithologists' Union, Tring.

This is the most comprehensive summary available of Angolan birds. It is not a field guide and has no illustrations, although has photographs of habitats. The following information is given for each species recorded in Angola: status, distribution (with a list of localities), sub-species in Angola, breeding records and season, and location of specimens in different museums around the world. Anyone with more than a passing interest in Angolan birds will benefit greatly from this book. Special-price copies at R 600 are available through Birds Angola. Email


Mills M and Melo M. 2013. The Checklist of the Birds of Angola. Birds Angola and Aves Angola, Luanda.

This complete, annotated list of the birds of Angola is made available in pdf format and is free to download. Chick here. It contains English and Portuguese names for each species, plus information on status, distribution and abundance, alternate names and cross-referenced page numbers for each species in Dean (2000) and Sinclair & Ryan (2003).



Sinclair I and Ryan P. 2005. Birds of Africa South of the Sahara. Struik, Cape Town.

This is the only field guide to illustrate all species of bird occurring in Angola. However, distribution information is not very detailed, so we recommend use in conjunction with the above book. Also, most species are better illustrated in the following two books, which many birders will find very useful.



Borrow N and Demey R. 2002. Birds of Western Africa. Helm.

Superb identification guide; the best available for the north of the country. Detailed information aids the identification of tricky species. Together with the next book, covers most non-endemic birds.




Sinclair I, Hockey P and Tarboton W. 2005. SASOL Birds of Southern Africa. Struik.

Well illustrated field guide to southern African birds, useful for the south of the country. Together with previous publication, covers most non-endemic birds.




Cohen C, Spottiswoode C and Russouw J. 2006. Southern African Birdfinder. Struik.

This is the only book to provide information on where to watch birds in Angola. At the time of publication, however, information was very limited, although the country's premier birding site, Kumbira Forest, is detailed in this publication.




Stevenson T and Fanshawe J. 2002. Birds of East Africa. Helm.

Arguably the best field guide on the continent, useful for the identification of many tricky groups, such as greenbuls.



Mills MSL. 2007. Vocalisations of Angolan Birds. Volume 1. Birds Angola and Birding Africa.

This is the only sound guide to Angolan birds and covers 110 species, including most of the endemics. Click here for more details, including a full list of species.


Chappuis C. 2000. African Bird Sounds. National Sound Archive.

This series of 14 CDs covers most of the birds of central and western Africa. It will be particularly useful when birding in the north of Angola.


Gibbon G. 1995. Southern African Bird Sounds. Southern AFrican Birding, Durban.

This series of 6 CDs covers almost all species of bird in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and southern Mozambique. It will be particularly useful in the south of Angola.



Visit the African Bird Club website for information on Angola and birding in Angola.

Wikipedia also provides detailed country information.


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