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Aug 2014: A new paper published. Mills MSL. 2014. Observations of the rarely seen aerial display of Short-winged Cisticola Cisticola brachypterus. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 21: 200-201. [click here to download]

Aug 2014: A new paper published. Mills MSL. 2014. Dusky Twinspot Euschistospiza cinereovinacea, a new host species for indigobirds Vidua. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 21: 193-199. [click here to download]

March 2013: download a paper on Black-chinned Weaver in Angola.

March 2013: download a paper on Bocage's Sunbird.

March 2013 : download a paper by Stavrou and Mills on the Birds of Soyo.

January 2013: download our report on a visit to the Lubango Bird Skin Collection (13 MB).

January 2013: download an update report on the Mount Moco project.

December 2012: download our Angola 2012 Annual Report.

December 2011: download our Angola 2011 Annual Report.

September 2011: two new publications. See the bibliography for information and downloads.

January 2011: download our new "Report on Angolan Bird Conservation and Research Activities: Achievements of 2010 and plans for 2011" to read about what we've been up to over the past year.

July 2010: Publication. Mills, MSL. 2010. Angola’s central scarp forests: patterns of bird diversity and conservation threats. Biodiversity and Conservation 19:1883-1903.

March 2010: Publication for download. Mills MSL, Franke U, Joseph G, Miato F, Milton S, Monadjem A, Oschadleus D and Dean WRJ. 2010. Cataloguing the Lubango Bird Skin Collection: towards an atlas of Angolan bird distributions. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 17(1): 43-53

December 2009: launch of website

August 2009: Michael Mills and Martim Melo visited Cuanza Norte in search of Braun's Bushshrike.

July 2009: Michael Mills and Martim Melo lead a field trip to Mount Moco, training Angolan students and surveying birds

January 2009: Michael Mills accompanied a biodiversity and capacity building team, headed by Brian Huntley of SANBI, to Lubango. The group conducted surveys in the surrounds of Lubango, and at Iona and Bicuari National Parks, and ran practical field demonstrations for the biology students of ISCED in Lubango and Luanda.

November 2008: Michael Mills introduced a party of ornithologists from BirdLife International to the Angolan Scarp and Mount Moco, to initiate conservation projects in these areas, with assistance of local partner Ecovisao.

June 2008: a group of seven ornithologists visited the bird skin collection in Lubango, Angola, for 2 weeks. Details of 15000 specimens have been entered into a database, and details of the remaining 25000 are being added from photographs.

22 May 2008: Publication for download. Mills MSL, vaz Pinto P and Dean WRJ. 2008. The avifauna of Cangandala National Park, Angola. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 15(1): 113-120

20 February 2007: NEW CD of Angolan Bird Calls on 20 February 2007

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